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You become more secure when you activate the VPN specially when you are browsing on a public wifi network. The VPN encrypts your data and makes you more secure.


No limits to the usage! You can use it as much as you like to download all the files that you need or stream online your favorite shows and nothing can stop you!


Access all websites, apps, and content that you can't access now because of your geographical restrictions or because of institutional firewalls. Bypass them all!


Multiple locations from across the globe that you can choose from. You will be able to choose your geographical region and surf the web as if you were living there.


Thousands of VPN servers managed by us for you so you can only see the best ones according to your connection and ensures for you a fast and stable connection


Settings to automatically connect to the best VPN server as soon as you open your app or device to automate the process for you and get you connected in few seconds

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This app is great! Well done and hope you can keep it on the same level!

Mahmoud Sherif    

Tech Opinion

one of the best VPNs for the Middle-East

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From Top 10 VPN in GP
More than 10 Million Installs
Overall Rating of 4.7+

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A word from the founder

Thanks for visiting this page. VPN Monster isn't just another VPN. It is backed by a team who operate thousands of servers. We automatically chose the best ones for you based on your location. We are here always glad to hear from you and support you. Try our app now and if you have any concerns, my team on Facebook will be more than glad to help you out. We will always be glad to hear from you.
Jack Marcus

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